An Entrepreneurial Journey of my Friend

This is an entrepreneurial journey of my friend, Chittranjan Dunakhe. We had worked for the same company in Baroda.

In the beginning of his career, Chittranjan worked as a part-time graphic designer. He held the MCA degree from IGNOU.

I had seen his talent in designing websites, animation, and other graphic elements but I never thought he had an entrepreneur mindset. He obeyed what the bosses told him to do. He worked hard and spent extra hours in learning new stuff.

I left Baroda in 2004 to work for Zensar Technologies in Pune and Chittranjan left during the same year to start his own company –

I met him yesterday, after 10 years, at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore. Today he’s an employer, with 60 people working for him, at a beautiful office in Baroda.

I was awed by his success. Here are some questions I asked.

[Abeesh] How did you manage to get clients?

[Chittranjan] It was through my website – I paid the SEO companies to get my website on the top rank. When somebody searched for a keyword, my site came on the top rank. The clients contact me through email or chat. I didn’t hire any marketing person all these years. I never met clients face to face. Most of my dealings were through email/chat.

[Abeesh] what is the criteria for hiring candidates?

[Chittranjan] I am not on look out for people with degrees. I hire freshers, people who have basic design skills, train them, and mentor them.

[Abeesh] What is the scope of your skill set? There are so many designers, how do you stand out?

[Chittranjan] Yes, there are many graphic designers and web developers, but our main focus is Animation. We outsource the web development to third parties. There is a great market for Animation in the Television media.

[Abeesh] What tools do you use for Animation?

[Chittranjan]  We use mainly Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop for 2D/3D animation.

Lesson I learnt: Never underestimate anyone whom you come across. There is a potential in every human being to achieve great success.

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