Increase Your Online Business Activities With Web Design Services

This blog describes the need for a website and lists some of the important criteria for a quality website.

I believe every business owners or aspiring business owners should have a website. A website showcases your product or services that you are offering. It is an effective and efficient platform. An appealing and a simple website will attract a large number of customers.

With the assistance of a website, you can maximize your online presence and introduce new products with effective marketing and promotion.

To ensure and maximize ROI, you need to make sure that you design your website correctly from the very start in such a way that it anticipates and delivers what the users need.

A quality website would contain the following things:

  • Loading speed
  • Structure of website
  • Colors
  • Layout
  • Fonts
  • Navigation

The process to develop a quality website begins with something called Information Architecture.

  1. Define your audience – A lot of businesses target a wide range of potential customers, but you must narrow down the target users. It would not be possible to succeed without defining the business and marketing goals. Having done that, determine which (if not all) customer segments the site should target. It’s crucial to craft your website’s design, content, and experience with your business’ user personas in mind. Knowing your potential customer, helps to recognize their needs and anticipate their behavior or buying habits. Invest the time into identifying your business’ different buyer personas.
  2. Make use of the User flow diagrams – When you have established what type of people your website will be addressed to, it is time to think through some scenarios for them. You need to answer questions like:
    How would they find your website? What will they want to accomplish on the website? Are they looking for the product information or recommendations? Are they visiting the site to make a purchase? What steps would they go through to accomplish their goals? All of this information will help you find an answer to the most important question. How can you as a designer map out their paths to account for all these steps. The illustration of it is called user’s flow diagram.
  3. Sitemap development – Sitemap is a web page which contains a list of all the links or pages of a website under different categories and headings, same as an index of a book. A sitemap can be an excellent tool for making search engines crawl through your website in a much more effective manner, by helping you get more web pages indexed, and ultimately getting you more visitors. Particularly, when a search engine visits the site map page, it gets to see all the links within that website and this enables it to crawl through those pages. Sitemaps also help visitors to get a summary of the whole website, and hence it is also a great navigational tool. It helps visitors find specific pages through a single page, for which they might have had to follow several links to reach the desired page. This leads us to the next question, i.e. how should site maps be designed. Designing a sitemap can be as simple as designing any other static pages without any pictures, graphics, etc. But all effort should be made to keep the structure logical and simple. It’s best to browse the web and check out a variety of sitemaps before you decide on what kind of structure you want to follow.
  4. Categorizing and prioritizing information – It might sound quite obvious, but a key factor in creating a user-friendly website is to prioritize information so that it is not presented to the user at once. You must predict what information is the most relevant to your targeted segment and prioritize these elements. It is good to think of website categories in 3 main groups: Primary, secondary and least important and decide which information fall in which group. This is important so that you can arrange the information on the website according to the importance of information. Generally speaking, the primary set of important information will be your primary navigation. Clicking on any element from primary navigation leads to a “landing page” that is like an introduction for each section and contains links to all the sub-sections.

It’s crucial to craft your website’s design, content, and experience with your business’ user personas in mind. Feel free to contact me at +65-82086393 for your website design or visit for more services.

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