Tips for Singapore PR application

25th Oct 2016, Tuesday, 10:15 am

Today, I submitted my PR application, it was my third attempt. Until the date of application, there was some confusion, whether to resubmit photocopies of the original documents. I thought of writing this post to clarify any such confusion.


  • You don’t need to resubmit birth certificates
  • You don’t need to resubmit education certificates
  • You don’t need to resubmit experience certificates unless they are new
  • You don’t need to bring in your dependents to the center as long as their signatures are there in the application form


  • You need to resubmit passport copies, employment pass, and dependent pass copies
  • You need to resubmit marriage certificate copy
If you have any questions, post your comments below or email me at

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2 Responses to Tips for Singapore PR application

  1. Kumar says:

    Good luck with your application Abeesh.
    As the saying goes 3 is a charm :)

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