Fun time at Wild Wild Wet

21st April 2017, Friday

Trip to WWW (Wild Wild Wet), sponsored by NextLabs .

A thrilling experience of adrenaline rushing through your body is what I would say about these rides. At first, you climb the stairs till you reach the top. You take a peek down to see the depth. You get a shock at the sight of the ground far from your feet. In the next few seconds, you need to make the decision whether to go ahead or step back. It’s like taking the decision to jump from a 10-story building. There is a battle going between your flesh, mind and the spirit. The flesh is weak, instructs the mind don’t go for it. But your spirit wants to experience the thrill. If your spirit man is strong, you will let your spirit make the decision, silence the mind, and subdue the flesh. The body is now under the control of the spirit. You take that final step in faith, believing that everything will be all right. At that second, your heart beat zooms. You close your eyes. Your adrenaline rushes. Your body is at the mercy of the water waves. The force of water rushing against your body is incredible, it gets inside your nose and lungs. The spirit informs the mind, everything is all right. There is peace, no more battle between the spirit, mind, and the flesh. By this time, the ride is over. And this experience allows you to take other killer rides.


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  1. Anne Obure says:

    This is very very exciting! I would love to slide on that!

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