How to start your own business

Here are some tips to start your own biz:

  • Discover your niche. If you are an expert or passionate about a niche, people will come to know about it and accept your authority.
  • Create a website with an apt URL keeping SEO in mind.
  • Write a story about your product or service and blog periodically.
  • Register your biz with the govt as a sole-proprietorship/partnership/or as a company. Having a legal biz is essential. Get approval from the relevant authorities.
  • Create an elegant name card. Check thisĀ blogĀ for details.
  • Advertise your blog/website on Facebook.
  • Connect with people who can work for you. Authentic relationships will prosper your biz. Give them weekly/monthly remuneration. Do not attempt to do everything yourself and burn out at the end of the day.

If you have any questions, email me at or post your comments below.

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